dance of shadows

sunlight drips shadowsthey dance. they sway. long day ends – they slip away.


                           “Dad, where do you want to eat dinner?” “At the table.  Isn’t that where I always eat? At the table?” He makes it sound like he’s talking to an idiot. “Your plate and glass from lunch were on the patio.  So that’s not strictly true, is it?” “You don’t…

the ‘almost no-recipe life’

This recipe comes with a few disclaimers and two adjustments. Disclaimer 1 – Originality This recipe isn’t mine. I saw it on Twitter a few months ago. It was a BuzzFeed Recipe (I think!). My version of the dish is an approximation because I didn’t save the original video to reference it. Disclaimer 2 –…

tatami view

Ozu, Yasujiro, the Japanese film director, started his career in the 1920s. Let me guess! You’re imagining a black + white movie and you’re already losing interest, right? Okay — this post isn’t about animé or a bright Tokyo-esque story. But if you read on, I’ll tell you about this man and perhaps you might…

blue days, blue daze

Music credit : Indigo One (Solo) by Ottmar LiebertFrom the album Fete(Used with artist’s permission) Copyright © 2022 Lisana.Blog All Rights Reserved

art imitating life

While walking around the city, I happened to seethese fish swimming upstream Swimming above the trash we throw in their home Copyright © 2022 Lisana.Blog All Rights Reserved

colour field art

colour, side-by-side anticipating being discovered waiting for their beauty to be seen by another. but then again, aren’t we all? Copyright © 2022 Lisana.Blog All Rights Reserved

afternoon breeze

heat vibrates off the rooftops, the  river; it shimmers on my skin we hide                 inside this old house reading,                eating the only thing there is – Knorr pasta sauce from a packet but on perfectly cooked pasta then              a late afternoon breeze pays a visit riding a horse of buttery sunshine we…


sun,            light filtering through Copyright © 2022Lisana.BlogAll Rights Reserved