gari (japanese ginger pickle)

Gari is most often served alongside sushi or sashimi; however, I recently made a simple dish of stir fried snow peas and added these ginger pickles. 1. cook diced onion in some olive oil until onion pieces start to caramelize2. half the snow peas3. add to the pan and cook for about 3-4 minutes 4….

see slo

largo river see? slo your eyes doe eyes those eyes – yes, your eyes don’t let them rove over water moves this away and that sway say ‘stay. still your eyes’ yes, doe’s eyes shh – listennnnn with your eyes the water’s-peaks its secrets seep floating to surface this-way that-away Copyright © 2023 LisiTana.Blog All…

there’s something about Ozu

There’s something about Ozu films that I love. Perhaps it’s the quietness of the plot, where I know nothing is going to jump out at me, make my heart race, or leave me in a soggy puddle on the floor. His movies are not very long but they take me hours to watch. Why? With…


A few weeks ago, a friend of mine sent me a Derek Walcott poem (shared below). Since she sent it, I’ve been reading it almost daily. It’s a gorgeous piece of writing, a reminder to embrace the alone-ness, when the time comes. For those of you who have never heard of him, Derek Walcott was…

perception is reality

The mind is a ‘meaning’ creating machine. Because we are inherent story-tellers, we constantly pull things together to make a story. The brain is great at seeing patterns and making connections. It wants to make sense of what’s out there. It constructs reality by connecting sight, sound, smell or taste – any of those combinations….


I just got a new app! In the App Store, it’s described as a ‘note-taking’, ‘collaborative’ space. But a few artists on social media have been using it to create beautiful stories, taking the viewer on surreal voyages into other worlds. In a few hours with the help of YouTube, I figured out how to…

shower woes away

a hot shower makes everything better Copyright © 2022 LisiTana.Blog All Rights Reserved