perception is reality

The mind is a ‘meaning’ creating machine. Because we are inherent story-tellers, we constantly pull things together to make a story.

The brain is great at seeing patterns and making connections. It wants to make sense of what’s out there. It constructs reality by connecting sight, sound, smell or taste – any of those combinations. So regardless of whether things happen concurrently, because the brain is trained from youth to connect things automatically, it will make us think what we’re seeing is really what’s happening.

But is it?

This is a time-lapse video of a simple drawing to which a piece of music was later added. The drawing and music were made completely independently of each other, yet it appears as though one was made to complement the other.

Reality is entirely perceived.

autograph plant time-lapse

Music credit – ocean by Ottmar Liebert
From the album Slow

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