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asphalt / art 2

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the Ozu ‘pillow shot’ (#2)

I love Ozu films – mainly for the juxtaposition of colour, and for his carefully constructed ‘pillow shots’. If you didn’t read my post on what a ‘pillow shot’ is, no biggie! “Pillow shots’ have become so commonplace that you may not even notice their presence in movies today. The pillow shot is attributed to…

asphalt / art 1

Photos I collected while out walking each morning. Looking down can be just as interesting as looking up – sometimes even more so. Have fun! palette: oranges / warm tones Copyright © 2023 LisiTana.Blog All Rights Reserved

the Ozu ‘pillow shot’ (#1)

There’s something about Ozu films that I love. Perhaps it’s the quietness of the plot, where I know nothing is going to jump out at me, make my heart race, or leave me in a soggy puddle on the floor. His movies are not very long but they take me hours to watch. Why? With…

perception is reality

The mind is a ‘meaning’ creating machine. Because we are inherent story-tellers, we constantly pull things together to make a story. The brain is great at seeing patterns and making connections. It wants to make sense of what’s out there. It constructs reality by connecting sight, sound, smell or taste – any of those combinations….


I just got a new app! In the App Store, it’s described as a ‘note-taking’, ‘collaborative’ space. But a few artists on social media have been using it to create beautiful stories, taking the viewer on surreal voyages into other worlds. In a few hours with the help of YouTube, I figured out how to…

shower woes away

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