colour field art

colour, side-by-side anticipating being discovered waiting for their beauty to be seen by another. but then again, aren’t we all? Copyright © 2022 Lisana.Blog All Rights Reserved

decisions, decisions

A few months ago, I moved into a new house.  The house is cool and airy, with a good vibe.  It has three bathrooms. Two are not really used, though.  One has really great light – with a north facing window.  The other has NO natural light coming in – no windows.  Both are white…

a beet walks into a bar…

Okay, so maybe you’ve heard that one before, but how about this one? How does a beet beat the heat? It strips down! (okay, okay….put the tomatoes down, please !) 😀 But sometimes, it’s fun to look at the same thing on different days and see how it presents itself to you in different ways.

the postcard project

On my list of favourite things, personal challenges rank high. I don’t like when people challenge me to do something because invariably, I become nervous, then overthink it and end up messing up. But challenging myself? Yes, please! Everyday YWA challenge? Absolutely! Setting a timer for seven minutes then seeing how fast I can unpack…

looking at glass

I’m sure you’ve heard people say, “I’m terrible at art.” Or, “I can barely draw a straight line.”  You may even be one of these people saying this yourself. Like with most other things, drawing comes with practice. I guess it’s just the law of probability. The more you do it the better you’ll become….