the ‘almost no-recipe life’

This recipe comes with a few disclaimers and two adjustments.

Disclaimer 1Originality
This recipe isn’t mine. I saw it on Twitter a few months ago. It was a BuzzFeed Recipe (I think!). My version of the dish is an approximation because I didn’t save the original video to reference it.

Disclaimer 2Sketchy Memory
I remember there being onions, ground pork, cheese and broth/stock.
The onions were initially cooked meat side down.
I don’t remember much else.

Disclaimer 3Make it your own
As I mentioned in the no recipe life! I don’t/can’t follow (written) instructions well. It’s not like I’m a maverick or anything. It’s just that my eyes jump ahead. I mix up the steps. I’ve even tried covering the steps with a sheet of paper and sliding the paper down the recipe, revealing one step at a time.

Nothing works!

I mis-measure amounts, then panic and – well – it just goes from bad to worse. Buzzfeed’s time-lapse recipes are great though because I can get the gist, and then live an ‘almost‘ no-recipe life.

Adjustment 1
I don’t eat pork so I used ground beef instead. Ground chicken or ‘Beyond Beef’ would also work.

Adjustment 2
I couldn’t remember how long the onions were cooked on the pan or in the broth. I didn’t want to take any chances, so I cooked them for a while on very low heat.

pan – 15 minutes (low heat)
in broth – 20 minutes (low heat)
in the oven – 15 minutes 350° (F)

(I added the remainder of the cheese on top of the onions before I put it in the oven.)

The result?

The onions carmelised and became soft and very sweet.

I served them with mashed potatoes but added some purple onion pickles on the side to balance the sweetness of the onions.

When I do this again, here’s what I’d do differently:

– mix feta into the ground beef (feta + ground meat makes a soft and tender meatball)

– add a bit of lemon juice to the stock / broth to counter the inevitable caramelization of the onions.

(However, if you dont mind the sweetness of carmelized onions, this is the dish for you!)

All in all, it’s a fun thing to try cooking – and a lot of fun to eat!
Hope this video helps!

stuffed onion recipe

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