the ‘almost no-recipe life’

This recipe comes with a few disclaimers and two adjustments. Disclaimer 1 – Originality This recipe isn’t mine. I saw it on Twitter a few months ago. It was a BuzzFeed Recipe (I think!). My version of the dish is an approximation because I didn’t save the original video to reference it. Disclaimer 2 –…

chewy dumpling soup

Every culture has a dish that is a careful blend of ingredients and / or a demonstration of technique or skill. Curries, paella, roti or machboos, bouillabaisse and sushi – all fit into these 2 categories. Some dishes even require a blend of different items to create a single ingredient which is then used to…

the no-recipe life!

Maybe you’re like me.  Maybe like me, you can’t follow recipes.  I don’t know why but invariably, I skip things, miscalculate amounts and eventually get pretty stressed out.  Following recipes is very hard for me. I really admire people who can bake; baking is a precise science one I know I’ll never master. 

If you’re like me and love pickles then I invite you to read on.