green daze

It’ll be a green day, I told myself as I set out on a walk to Alfama, the oldest neighbourhood in Lisbon. 

 William Burroughs apparently called this a “colour walk”.  But I do it a little differently from what he recommended because I use a camera. 

Here’s how I go about it. 

After I step outside, I choose a colour, like Burroughs said.  While walking, I look out for, and  try to capture only that colour. Suddenly,  details I wouldn’t ordinarily see are entrenched in my memory. Stories form. 

Paint dribbles on the street.
Beautiful door knockers resting on doors, waiting for a visitor.
A neon sign announcing food.
And electric scooters ready for their next adventure.
Shy leaves tucked away in mossy cracks in walls, hiding. Other leaves bold and bright against a sienna wall. 

My green ‘colour-walk’ spills over into the next day. There’s so much to see.

Green daze or green days?

Here’s the strange thing, though.  Perhaps it’s my imagination; maybe it’s real – either way it doesn’t matter (not to me anyway!).  When I take a ‘colour-walk’, I see that place differently.  I have no way of knowing if this is true but it feels like that experience  is saved in a different part of my brain.  Compared to regular walks, these feel different when I recall them.  They’re crisper, more nuanced and somehow in these memories, impatient or pushy people and  honking cars in traffic don’t exist.

Try it!

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. Nano says:

    I absolutely love this concept. The two color posts are so unique in perspective and made me look at those objects in a different way. Together they form a beautiful whole.
    Lovely lovely post. Really enjoyed


    1. Lisi-Tana says:

      So much love and thanks 🙂


  2. Amna Mohamed says:

    You have hit upon a unique concept in art. Choose a color,shape, time of day, mood,
    anything visual. Capture it on camera to reflect your perception, your view.
    These pictures captured on the lens of the eye and the camera and in the imagination then spilled out in words on paper, you share with me
    I come to love the marriage of the two forms – from camera to paper and colored by the details from the imagination of the writer. I come to know and see it in a new way.
    This should go public. I swear.

    Liked by 1 person

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