copenhagen coffee lab

I am by no means a coffee connoisseur, but I’m no coffee philistine either.  Starbucks, not your cup of tea?  Then, Copenhagen Coffee Lab might be. 

There are many, many things I dislike about Starbucks.  From its too expensive cups of frothy, sweet-n-creamy, caramel-y drinks– because can we really call them coffee (?) to the mind bending amounts of plastic they use.  And you’d think they’d make some accommodation for their own recycling receptacles – perhaps within 100 or 200 yards of their stores. But no!  Ever heard of avocado straws, Starbucks? 

But this wasn’t meant to be a rant against Starbucks! 

On January 1,  I was strolling around Lisbon and really wanted a coffee. No where else was open so  I stopped at a Starbucks and got an Americano. Black, no sugar.  (Milk here doesn’t agree with me so this was my only option.)  With each sip, my face twitched a little.  After a few sips, I gave up.  I had to chuck it.  I wanted coffee, but not at the price of my facial muscles which I feared might not recover.

If you happen to be in Denmark, Portugal, France or Germany, please consider Copenhagen Coffee Lab instead.  The coffee is fantastic!  Each morning, I have an Americano; it’s smooth, with the merest whisper of something floral.  (Not a single facial twitch experienced.)  Their cortados, I’m told, are excellent.  Their pastries are also very good. 

I can only conclude that Starbucks’ major plus is that they are open everyday and for many hours.  Copenhagen Coffee Lab has so much more going for it, though.  The ones I’ve seen are smallish and quiet. And if you are one of those strange people who visit cafés for coffee, then don’t take my word for it. Just pop into a CCL and see for yourself. 

It’s okay….no thanks needed! (smile!)

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