blue days, blue daze

Music credit : Indigo One (Solo) by Ottmar LiebertFrom the album Fete(Used with artist’s permission) Copyright © 2022 Lisana.Blog All Rights Reserved

art imitating life

While walking around the city, I happened to seethese fish swimming upstream Swimming above the trash we throw in their home Copyright © 2022 Lisana.Blog All Rights Reserved

afternoon breeze

heat vibrates off the rooftops, the  river; it shimmers on my skin we hide                 inside this old house reading,                eating the only thing there is – Knorr pasta sauce from a packet but on perfectly cooked pasta then              a late afternoon breeze pays a visit riding a horse of buttery sunshine we…

green daze

It’ll be a green day, I told myself as I set out on a walk to Alfama, the oldest neighbourhood in Lisbon.   William Burroughs apparently called this a “colour walk”.  But I do it a little differently from what he recommended because I use a camera.  Here’s how I go about it.  After I step…

copenhagen coffee lab

I am by no means a coffee connoisseur, but I’m no coffee philistine either.  Starbucks, not your cup of tea?  Then, Copenhagen Coffee Lab might be.  There are many, many things I dislike about Starbucks.  From its too expensive cups of frothy, sweet-n-creamy, caramel-y drinks– because can we really call them coffee (?) to the…