garlic confit

Confit began as a way to preserve food before refrigeration. Typically, confit is a method of cooking meat or vegetables in fat for several hours over low heat. This is fundamentally the difference between fried food and confit.

The french word for jam is confiture so this term also applies to cooking fruit in a sugary syrup for a period of time.

Making garlic confit is supremely easy.

Here’s how.

  • grab 4-5 bulbs of garlic
  • peel the garlic but keep the cloves whole
  • place peeled garlic in an oven safe dish
  • cover with olive oil (as shown)

  • add a sprig of thyme or rosemary (optional)
  • pop into a preheated oven 250 ° F
  • cook for about 1.5 hours or until garlic is a golden colour

Note: Garlic confit must be stored in the fridge.

Once garlic is cooked in this way, and stored in oil, its low acidity allows bacteria (which can lead to botulism) to quickly develop .

To avoid any food borne illnesses, store the confit in the fridge right away, and consume it within 1-2 weeks!


Once it’s made, you’ll find dozens of ways to eat it.

  • pasta with pesto and a few pieces of garlic confit
  • as a garlic base for garlic bread
  • instead of butter on a Welsh rarebit
  • on a grilled cheese sandwich
  • on mashed potatoes

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