asphalt / art 2

art teaches patience palette : blues, greys & greens Copyright © 2023 LisiTana.Blog All Rights Reserved

asphalt / art 1

Photos I collected while out walking each morning. Looking down can be just as interesting as looking up – sometimes even more so. Have fun! palette: oranges / warm tones Copyright © 2023 LisiTana.Blog All Rights Reserved

colour field art

colour, side-by-side anticipating being discovered waiting for their beauty to be seen by another. but then again, aren’t we all? Copyright © 2022 Lisana.Blog All Rights Reserved

dreams in yellow

our fat orange moon in an indigo skyhanging so low, from my hammock, my toes poke holes in it petrichor and heavy clouds floating bypuddles relax on grey pavements from afternoon storms shimmering asphalt, steam rising melted sun dripping down, trails of sweat sliding, sliding yellow, from here to where the eye can see