black magic re-potting

Last weekend, I bought a Black Magic plant at my nursery. 

It’s commonly called ‘taro’, and from what I’ve read online, it’s in the arum family and is related to the calla lily. 

The Black Magic plant is very beautiful.  It has large velvet-like  purple-y black leaves.

When I bought it, it was healthy but seemed as though it was too big for the pot it was in.  Separating and re-potting it seemed like the best thing to do. 

re-potting the black magic plant

Upon transplanting them, all leaves drooped terribly and stayed that way for about 24 hours. 

I since learnt that they do require quite a bit of water since their stalks are mostly made up of long thin fibers that hold  water that keeps the leaves standing straight.

I paid $13.00 for it and after separating them, was able to get five plants from it. A pretty great deal, no? 

PS.  Yes, I did re-pot a monstera at the end of the video :))

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  1. Nan says:

    Some plants are very social and like their family around them AND like being root bound. Jam them together so they don’t feel lonely while the lil ones grow

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  2. nyemelis says:

    Some plants are drama queens when repotted. I have witnessed this myself: Tiny Dancer plant is also very dramatic when repotted—after an initial period of droopy and yellow leaves, I was rewarded with baby plants growing off the main one. Congratulations on your multiplying Black Magic.

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