see slo

largo river see? slo your eyes doe eyes those eyes – yes, your eyes don’t let them rove over water moves this away and that sway say ‘stay. still your eyes’ yes, doe’s eyes shh – listennnnn with your eyes the water’s-peaks its secrets seep floating to surface this-way that-away Copyright © 2023 LisiTana.Blog All…

dance of shadows

sunlight drips shadowsthey dance. they sway. long day ends – they slip away.

blue days, blue daze

Music credit : Indigo One (Solo) by Ottmar LiebertFrom the album Fete(Used with artist’s permission) Copyright © 2022 Lisana.Blog All Rights Reserved

afternoon breeze

heat vibrates off the rooftops, the  river; it shimmers on my skin we hide                 inside this old house reading,                eating the only thing there is – Knorr pasta sauce from a packet but on perfectly cooked pasta then              a late afternoon breeze pays a visit riding a horse of buttery sunshine we…


sun,            light filtering through Copyright © 2022Lisana.BlogAll Rights Reserved

slow dance

in a riverbank ballroom yellow-green leaves slow dance swooping and swaying to early evening breezes Copyright © 2022Lisana.BlogAll Rights Reserved

afternoon rain

blue-grey afternoons hungry thunder, a heavy iron barrel rolling in the sky rain bathes dust awaycolours wake up – emboldened, bright While in the house, dark corners doze,waiting for tomorrow’s light