the Ozu ‘pillow shot’ (#2)


I love Ozu films – mainly for the juxtaposition of colour, and for his carefully constructed ‘pillow shots’.

If you didn’t read my post on what a ‘pillow shot’ is, no biggie! “Pillow shots’ have become so commonplace that you may not even notice their presence in movies today. The pillow shot is attributed to Ozu. It is a fairly static visual, photographic in its composition but has no part in the plot of the story.

After pausing the film, I linger over many of these shots, noting the care with which he composed the entire image – the lines, and – yes – the colour.

Ozu’s name appears on several lists of top 50 most influential / greatest movie directors of all time and it’s not hard to see why. His ouvre is about thoughtfulness and reflection – on his part and the part of the viewer.

Here is another pillow shot I loved, and so, replicated (digitally).

Everything’s here. Lines. Colour. And a breeze that feels like it’s the middle of summer.

(See also the Ozu ‘pillow shot’ (#1) for a completely different mood, and a more complex arrangement of lines.)

comparison of the colours, lines, and mood in two ‘pillow-shots’

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